In BDSM, a switch is someone who participates in SM activities as both a top and a bottom, or possibly in D/s activities as both a Dominant and a submissive. A switch will be the top on some occasions and the bottom on other occasions, not necessarily with the same partner. Switching within a scene, or even during a session is very rare.

Attitudes toward Switches in the BDSM Community

Switches are known to get a negative reaction from some purists who believe you can not be a switch and that these individuals just can’t make up their minds. This is far from the truth. It is difficult to define exactly who is a switch; there are many heated debates about switches on the BDSM forums. However, it is agreed that a switch is someone who can be either a top or bottom (not necessarily to the same person), one who can both dominate and submit. Common myths about switches:

  • Switches are usually bi: No, switches can be gay, straight or bi. This myth may have originated from men enjoying or imagining their submissive/slave female topping another submissive female.
  • Switches tend to be confused and have just not found the right person yet: No, most switches have been on the BDSM scene for some time, have experienced both dom and sub, and are usually very certain of what they want.
  • Switches can’t be ‘real’ submissives or ‘real’ dominants: No, some switches can be fully effective both as dominants and submissives.

People often shy away from admitting they like to switch because they fear derision.

Being a switch is just as valuable a role as either of the others. The art of being able to fully submit or be a Top at one moment or another takes a very strong person that knows exactly what they want from BDSM and goes out to get it.


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