24/7 is an abbreviation which stands for “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”. It is an American way of saying full-time. In commerce and industry, it identifies a round-the-clock service, potentially including holidays and other days on which work is normally limited.

In BDSM the term is used to identify or describe a relationship that is full-time, with no ‘breaks’ or ‘timeouts’. Thus there is no question of being “in scene” or “out of scene”; life is one continuous scene. It would normally imply a live-together arrangement, but this is not necessarily indicated. What is most important for this description to be accurate is that the parties involved do not make a distinction between being “in scene” and “out of scene” and they do not differentiate between time spent with each other and time spent away from each other, as far as their Dom/sub relationship is concerned.

For example, even though two people might not live together, the commitment between them still abided, including any rules and understandings they have agreed upon, or any contracts they have entered into.

There are no hard and fast rules: like any relationship, how it works is totally between the people involved and 24/7 means different things to different people. It rarely means chained-at-the-hip but will mean that they do not consider the D/s aspects of their relationship as something separate or apart from how they might otherwise relate. It is important that they are both/all happy doing whatever it is they do to whatever degree they do it.

Instead of 24/7, people might meet up only occasionally or might be living together full-time but only involved in occasional play and therefore would not consider their relationship to be 24/7 D/s. Of course, the translation is somewhat subject to the interpretation of the parties involved, but is generally accepted with the same respect as a vanilla marriage agreement.

24/7/365 is sometimes also seen and has the same meaning, the 365 implying every day of the year.

Among Goreans, 24/7 is called “lifestyle”.

24/7 slavery as a general term involves a submissive serving their Dom or Domme in a permanent capacity.

At an extreme level this would involve the submissive living at the same place as the Dom and being in service at all times. On possibly a more common level, this could be done more remotely, with the submissive being on call all of the time, though the same concept of being in service to the Dom first and foremost would still apply.

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The DarkSide: 24/7 Relationships 8-part Series

FetLife Groups

24/7 for real - Our purpose is to offer support, information and community for those living together in power/authority dynamics of all sorts: couples, triads, D/s, M/s, O/p, TPE, CNC, married, poly, monogamous, however you identify. Those for whom day to day life must go on — the bills have to be paid, the kids need looking after, the house needs keeping up, taxes have to be filed, and with luck your one or two paychecks will stretch to cover that visit to the E.R. and the Hawaiian vacation you planned.

24/7 Long distance and Online Relationships - This is a group for those who are in a 24/7 M/s or D/s relationship but do not have the privilege of getting to be physically together. Even if you only live together part time, or have extensive traveling where there are long absences, this group is still for you. We welcome all relationships that are hindered by distance.


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