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4 responses to “Choose Your Words Carefully III: Humiliation vs. Degradation”

  1. Angela

    How may I access the Choose Your Words Carefully: Humiliation vs. Degredation guides I and II that came out before I got on your mailing list ?

  2. Morgan

    Hi Angela!

    As this post was reprinted (I believe from The Iron Gate). You can search for the other posts there or write to Norisch at and ask for the links or copies to the other posts. If you need further help, let me know and I’ll see if I can find them for you. Thanks!


  3. lunaKM

    The previous Choose Your Words series posts can be found here: I, II. There is also a 4th one posted here. A fifth and final installment is coming up soon.

  4. Morgan

    Thank you lunaKM. I s’pose I should’ve looked further here. :)


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