2 responses to “Thinking Dominant – Dominant Resolve”

  1. Rev

    Long ago I noticed that when I get crazy busy and stressed, I would think “I don’t have time to meditate!” when in fact, that’s when I needed it the most. When I started making it a priority to do my practice, it helped me cope with the rest of it in a much more balanced way.

    So it is now with exercise. I typically think, “I’m too tired to exercise”, but that’s actually when I need it the most. So I’m setting an intention to prioritize physical self care.

    That’s just one thing. I’m working on a business, getting read for grad school and looking for a long term life partner.

    Life be lifey. :)

  2. Fozzy

    I always over-extend myself and end up exhausted—physically and emotionally, oftentimes change who I am to fit others’ personalities, and ignore my initial gut instincts, which, in the end, have always proven to be correct.

    For 2015, I will listen to myself and not always try to prove myself wrong. I will be who I am (always polite and courteous) and no longer bend to others’ agendas or put everyone else first. I’ve done this for too many decades and it hasn’t worked. Time to change all of that.

    Life is switchey and so am I.

    “Be like a tree—bend, but don’t break.”

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