Master Ryder is a Dominant and sadist who lives 24/7 TPE M/s with his wife and slave. Ryder is of the belief that being a Master is more about mastering your own self before you can go on and effectively lead others, and spends his time working to always improve his personal character. An active member of his local community, Ryder enjoys sharing with others about his experience living life as a Dominant. He is a practitioner of edgier play, including fire, knives, CNC, and breath play, but the main focus of his studies and practice is in Power Exchange. "It's about the dynamic, the energy shared when one person gives up all control and another person takes it."

One response to “Calling “Red” From The Left Side Of The Slash”

  1. Princess Bee

    Yes, I do believe that any Top/Dom/Master, etc. should be prepared to end a scene for a variety of reasons. I have stopped scenes I was in charge of due to things like inadvertently drawing blood, unexpected reactions from a bottom/sub, or my own personal discomfort. It is entirely to be expected that a D-type will have limits and say “no”, just as much as any s-type. I think this behavior gets stigmatized when we define Dominance as always wanting to aggressively pursue one’s desires, or being “able to handle anything.” No one is superhuman, we all get to have limits, and we all get to express our discomfort with a situation or refuse to participate.

    I think it is incumbent on a D-type to stop if the scene becomes unsafe, certainly. It is also incumbent on a D-type to decline to participate if their standards for safety have not been met, or if they themselves are not comfortable with the situation. Recognizing when an s-type is not ready to do what they want to do, or when there is a lack of communication or a relationship dynamic that is dysfunctional, or when the physical and social setting are not conducive to the proposed activity, are all skills that need to come with the territory of being in charge. A D-type who is unable or unwilling to make that call or say “no” when needed, even when they have a strong desire to go through with it, is not ready to be in control.

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