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3 responses to “Ask Anything: Can Breath Play Be Safe?”

  1. Mike

    One important distinction to touch on is the difference between asphyxia play utilizing constriction of the airway, and asphyxia play utilizing constriction of the carotid arteries. The former is *very dangerous*. In every case of erotic asphyxiation (auto- or otherwise), airway constriction is the cause of death. Even if death doesn’t occur, it is very easy to damage the trachea in that sort of play.

    The latter can be dangerous if performed incorrectly (e.g. squeezing the airway by accident), but otherwise you would have to literally be trying, with intent, to kill someone for it to result in a death. I am not aware of a single death in the BDSM world involving blood chokes. But of course, don’t be stupid; if your partner has a heart condition or any other medical condition that could possibly cause complications, then take that into consideration and play to your level of comfortability.

    Basically, know the risks. Know

  2. KC Florida

    “there is no safe way to do asphyxia play.”

    Exactly !
    I can hang out here for a while.

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