When I connected with the BDSM community in 2008, I found so much more than a way to engage my kinks: a place to explore BDSM as well as my deepest human nature. For me, kink is not only sexual, but spiritual, emotional, and psychological, as well as a profound path for self- and other-exploration; in other words: intimacy, which may be my biggest kink. With years of mentoring, ministering, coaching, and teaching under my belt, I'm excited to share my ever expanding knowledge and experience with Dominant Guide readers, in a mutual learning process with you and the whole kink community. Rev was the lead author for Dominant Guide from 2012 to 2015

6 responses to “Going to the Chapel: Making the D/s Relationship Official”

  1. Xavier

    well, damn. Right on!

  2. Dan

    I remember my collaring ceremony like it was yesterday. Such a beautiful occasion. It was JUST like a wedding! My former mistress and I spent months planning it, and we threw a big party with all our friends….

    There are pics of the collar on my FetLife account. It was custom made.

    I wish you and your sub a lifetime of happiness and growing together!!


    Dan, Lightwave Particle, thelockdude

  3. Ray

    Hi. Love this site and the great info. I pretty new to BDSM and newer to D/s. 2 weeks ago I gave my sub a training collar and am into that process. I would love to see you write an article on ” I think I need to write a more specific post on romance and D/s”. The romance is very much a part of my D/s dynamic.


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