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One response to “Submission: From a Dominant’s Point of View: What is a Submissive?”

  1. Eris Simone

    I am not sure what I am. I like being dominated by men (within my limits.) but find I do not crave aftercare. In fact, when a Dom attempts to take care of me after a scene I go cold and rigid. I detest the closeness. I have been punished more than once because I became quite angry and aggressive in my attempts to get away from aftercare. I like the pain and the sex but I do not require more. Deep down I feel a deep dislike toward Doms and Dommes. I hate them for hurting me even though I crave it. Even though I am aroused by submitting to them and their desires. Despite the contempt I harbor toward Doms I need their dominance.
    What’s wrong with me? Are their any other submissives who feel the way I do? How can I alternately love and hate the lifestyle? I need it, but I don’t want to need it.

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