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23 responses to “I Could Beat You For That, But You Would Enjoy It Too Much: Alternative Punishments That Work”

  1. lunaKM

    Well, if you really want punishment (as in the correction of breaking rules) then try non-play activities. Think about how you’d punish a child. Take away privileges, grounding, writing lines… that sort of thing.

  2. Kitty

    i am hoping to glean some insight regarding a situation in which i have currently landed myself. my Dominant and i began things very quickly and due to both of us having very busy schedules, have not been able to see each other very often. Communication was somewhat sporadic and i found myself in a moment of doubt and made assumptions based on past experiences with others. Long story short, i assumed He wasn’t serious about our relationship and engaged in playtime with a friend (who was also a former dom) and a couple of his friends. i was overcome with guilt afterward and told my Dom about the occurrence. He was so hurt, yet amazingly agreed to allow me penance. He said that even upon its completion, we may still end up going our separate ways. i broke trust. i am no longer allowed to address Him by His title nor His name, i was stripped of rights to a collar, and i am now in a chastity belt. i wrote a formal apology and an essay. He has asked me to come up with 5 more ideas to atone for my actions and i honestly don’t know what else i can do. Any input would be so greatly appreciated!

  3. Carol

    This is a very confusing article. First he says not too paddle for spanked as punishment then he says she must carry a paddle around in her for other people to spank her. Eating out of a dog’s dish? Really so what you trying to do is break someone respect goes both ways the dominant respects his submissive his submissive respects her dominant. He loves her she loves him and he wouldn’t treat her like a dog! I has been grounded, had to write a lines, not allowed TV, Corner time, and Punishment! I guess to each their own I know my husband, dominant, Daddy loves me. He does not like to give me punishment spankings but at times I certainly deserve them. Sometimes I have to choose the implements for my punishment, doing this is a very hard task any Implement I choose it’s going to hurt but it teaches me a very valuable lesson.

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